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Keira is an environmental science and English literature graduate with an adoration of the written word and the natural world. When she’s not reading or writing, you’ll find her hiking and scrambling up in the mountains. She is a travel enthusiast and has visited over 26 countries which you can read all about on her travel blog.

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House Plants

10 Best Plants to Grow at Home that Will Help the Environment

Plants are a beautiful and natural addition to your home. They have many benefits for our health and happiness. House plants filter pollutants in your home, reduce stress and provide joy. People have turned to caring for plants in the comfort of their own homes because of the environmental and personal benefits. The Benefits of …

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Tissue Paper

Is Tissue Paper Recyclable and Biodegradable? (Explained & Solved!)

Tissue paper is an essential product used worldwide. It is so widely used that 30,000 trees are cut down yearly to support the supply. It is a vital product to think about if you are working towards making your purchases more environmentally friendly. What is tissue paper made of? Tissue paper is created almost entirely …

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Eco Team

10 Best Nonprofit Environmental Organizations Saving the Earth

People are uniting around the world to protect the environment and work to mitigate the effects of climate change. One of the best ways to get involved is to donate to or join environmental nonprofits. There are so many organizations to support that it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin. Many small, local …

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Cat and Dog

Are Cats and Dogs Bad for the Environment? (Answers You Should Know)

People are more concerned than ever before about how we negatively affect the environment. We have already made significant lifestyle changes by buying electric cars or eating more plant-based foods to lessen our environmental impact. It is not just people that have a carbon footprint. Another important family member living in our homes to consider …

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6 Reasons Why Butterflies are Important for the Planet

Butterflies are a common sight in meadows, forests, and gardens around the world. They are integral within ecosystems and have significant impacts on their environment. What are Butterflies? Butterflies are flying insects with scaled wings. They are often covered in intricate patterns and bright colors. There are over 20,000 species of butterflies, with most living …

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8 Reasons Why Birds are Important for the Planet

Birds of wide varieties can be found worldwide and have become an integral part of human culture. Their beautiful appearance and delightful songs allow people to connect deeply with nature. What are Birds? Birds are also vital to ecosystems, both wild and those managed by humans. We rely on them for pest control, maintaining habitats, …

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Why are Bees Important? (Here’s What You Need to Know!)

Bees have been around for over 80 million years, buzzing between flowers and plants to collect pollen and nectar. They are undoubtedly well-loved insects. A common sight around the world and integral to human existence as they pollinate plants and crops and produce honey – the only food created by insects that humans eat. Bee …

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What are the Goals of Wildlife Conservation? (Helpful Answers)

Wildlife conservation protects animal and plant species and their ecosystems and habitats. This conservation can extend to all species, even those with stable populations. Still, more specifically, it relates to species that are in danger of extinction and are declining rapidly due to non-natural causes or the impact of humans. In essence, it involves humans …

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What is Overfishing and How Does it Affect the Ecosystem?

Overfishing involves taking more fish from the water than is sustainable, which means the number of individuals removed is more than the breeding or recovery rate of the population. This leads to a decline in the numbers of these species, which can happen rapidly, causing issues within the ecosystems and affecting the stability of the …

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How Does Veganism Help the Environment (Explained)

Veganism is a diet and lifestyle choice that does not exploit or use animals in any way. There is a focus on the diet aspect, as vegans do not consume any animal products, like meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and even honey. Veganism also extends to other areas of life, as those following this lifestyle will …

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