6 Reasons Why Butterflies are Important for the Planet

Butterflies are a common sight in meadows, forests, and gardens across the world. They are integral to ecosystems and have big effects on their environment. What are Butterflies? Butterflies are flying insects with scaled wings. They are often covered in… read more


8 Reasons Why Birds are Important for the Planet

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Invasive Plant

What is an Invasive Plant Species? (Explained)

Invasive species are plants, animals, insects, or pathogens that can cause significant ecological, societal or economic harm when introduced to a new environment where they are not native. Invasive species introduction into new areas can be accidental (e.g. via ships,… read more

Invasive Species

What is an Invasive Species & Why are They a Problem?

Invasive species pose a serious risk to the natural environment. They can cause significant harm and can have devastating effects on ecosystems resulting in huge economic impacts. According to the World Conversation Union, invasive species are the second most significant… read more