Plastic Bags

Can You Recycle Plastic Bags? (Explained & Solved!)

Americans go through an inconceivable number of plastic bags per year: 100 billion. This requires about 12 million barrels of oil! Plastic harms human health and the environment, plus all that waste adds up on landfills, as incinerated trash, and… read more

Cardboard Boxes

Can You Recycle Cardboard Boxes? (Explained & Solved!)

All cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable, no matter what condition they are in. However, there are some specific rules and preparation that are required for recycling. The following sections will explain the importance of recycling cardboard boxes, how to prepare… read more

Styrofoam Waste

Can You Recycle Styrofoam? (Explained & Solved!)

In 2018, the U.S. produced 292.4 million tons of solid waste, but only 69 million tons of materials were recycled that same year. The problem is because of single-use products made with components such as styrofoam, which are tossed as… read more

Benefits of Recycling

15 Benefits of Recycling (All You Need to Know!)

Recycling is crucial to the future health of our planet and the conservation of natural resources as neither is infinite. Recycling has many benefits, which can be characterized by the three pillars of sustainability – environment, social and economic. The… read more


How to Recycle and What Items are Recyclable? (105 Tips)

Recycling, instead of tossing items in the garbage, is an act that benefits generations to come. Reducing litter not only beautifies our land but also helps prevent ocean pollution from harming delicate underwater ecosystems. But figuring out what items are… read more

Recycling Bins

Curbside Recycling: What Can and Can’t Be Recycled

Most items, even the complicated ones, contain plastic, metal, paper, or glass – all of which can be recycled. If your county’s curbside service doesn’t accept your items, there are recycling facilities and drop-off centers out there that can help.… read more