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Laura is a senior creative writer and editor with a passion for environmental sustainability. Specialties include screenwriting, comedy writing, ghostwriting, memoir writing, and environmental sustainability content. Experience in producing and directing short films, line & developmental editing, self-publishing, and event coordination. Demonstrated history of working for inclusion and diversity in higher education. Passion for travel, environmental sustainability, and basic human kindness!

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Old Magazines

Can you Recycle Papers, Catalogs, Magazines & Newspapers?

Although our world is increasingly digital, we still use paper quite regularly in our daily lives for various reasons. And for those of us who still subscribe to print catalogs, magazines, and newspapers, we know how quickly they pile up….

Plastic Bags

Can You Recycle Plastic Bags? (Explained & Solved!)

Americans go through an inconceivable number of plastic bags per year: 100 billion. This requires about 12 million barrels of oil! Plastic harms human health and the environment, plus all that waste adds up in landfills, as incinerated trash, and…

Natural Resources

How to Conserve Natural Resources? (20 Tips for Conservation)

Humans have always depended upon natural resources for our basic needs, building materials, and energy. But we’ve only just started to feel the consequences of using them on such a massive, worldwide scale. With a global population at an all-time…


How Do Trees Help the Environment? (20 Helpful Answers)

We all know that planting trees is a sure-fire way to be environmentally friendly and that deforestation is bad for our planet. But what about trees makes them so beneficial? How do they help the planet earth and human society…

Styrofoam Waste

Can You Recycle Styrofoam? (Explained & Solved!)

In 2018, the U.S. produced 292.4 million tons of solid waste, but only 69 million tons of materials were recycled that same year. The problem is because of single-use products made with components such as styrofoam, which are tossed as…

Conserve Water

30 Ways to Save and Conserve Water (Indoors & Outdoors)

Did you know that only half of 1% of Earth’s fresh water is accessible for human use? The remaining 2.5% of Earth’s freshwater is stored in glaciers, the atmosphere, or the soil – not cheaply or easily accessible. With 7.9…


How to Reduce Use of Plastic? (20 Helpful Tips)

Plastic seems to be inescapable these days – it’s hard to believe that before the 1960s, it wasn’t widely used! Of course, plastic is a useful material that’s sturdy and easy to clean – but often it’s just not needed,…


How to Recycle? (105 Ways to Recycle)

Recycling, instead of tossing items in the garbage, is an act that benefits generations to come. Reducing litter not only beautifies our land but also helps prevent ocean pollution from harming delicate underwater ecosystems. But figuring out what items are…

Wind Turbine

What is Environmental Sustainability and Why is it Important?

We have the same home: Earth. We all share the duty to use our natural resources and energy wisely. But is environmental sustainability really achievable? Read on to fully understand the definition, its importance, its benefits and challenges, and how…